Other than being a bird that makes a happy sounding sound (origin of the expression“happy as a lark”), lark means:

 1.    Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Lark) noun: A source or quest for amusement oradventure. verb: To engage in harmless fun or mischief – often used with about.

2.    Urban Dictionary (Lark): Often unplanned, a lark can happen when you arefeeling adventurous. The act of trying something new like this can also becalled larking.


It all started when…

Within the new “Active Entertainment” industry never before has any one company created a conglomerate of options that cross all age groups (children, teenagers and adults).

Our concepts require no skills, appealing to everyone and offering affordable goods and services, in a clean and safe environment.

Larks Entertainment was founded to be the preeminent operator and franchisor of entertainment concepts throughout the US, and to appeal to potential franchisees at all financial levels.

Larks will launch concepts in the aforementioned areas, with an emphasis on bringingoutdated trends back into popularity; as well as new and exciting concepts. Our first six concepts will center around shuffleboard, mini-golf, arcade, bounce house/soft play, nerf guns and a restaurant/bar concept.

Larks will leverage its platform, track record and expertise to franchise these concepts andgive entrepreneurs the ability to launch and scale utilizing Larks “turn-key” franchising model. (“Franchising in a Box”) With our backgrounds in financing, real estate, construction, manufacturing and operations we will be able to quickly scale our concepts by helping franchisees in making their business successful.